Complete innovative export solution

To fine food producers we are buyers and a complete export solution at the same time.
In this partnership with Global Food World, small fine food producers benefit from a strong marketing umbrella and a significant reduction of export budgets.
We promote their brands globally, develop sales in markets abroad and manage the complete operation chain, including logistics and financial clearing. To do that efficiently, we buy and we sell.

International brand promotion

Beyond of our commercial activities we promote producer brands at international scale through mail campaigns to more than 15.000 validated food companies and frequent publications through the leading fine food magazine DELISOPHY.

Marketing events & sponsoring

Taking advantage of our unique food products, we develop for companies and organizations innovative marketing events like cooking events, food presentations, seminars related to healthy diet.

Taste & Joy

Tourism and local gourmet products are closely related.
At Global Food World we have developed for hotels and travel agencies an innovative concept called “Taste & Joy”. Through this concept we create unique events for tourists, who love to know more and to experience local gourmet products.

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