For Mediterranean fine food supply Global Food World is the first choice. Our concept is not just about trading food. We products for a healthy nutrition with innovative supply services.

Extra virgin olive oil, olives, pure honey, cheeses, herbs and spices, great wines and many special delicacies : this is the world of Mediterranean fine foods. Moreover our assortment is international and includes products from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.

Meeting the global consumer trends

Globally there is huge demand of consumers for high quality and healthy diet. Mediterranean foods play here a significant role as they combine all characteristics of healthy nutrition and great taste.

Most of premium Mediterranean foods are produced by small companies. This means that for food buyers and distributors it is almost impossible to manage day by day hundreds of small producers.

The solution to this problem is Global Food World! We provide innovative services in Mediterranean fine food supply. For this we combine two things: a unique variety and great supply services.

A unique, international variety of Mediterranean fine foods

At Global Food World we are committed to bring selective Mediterranean fine foods to consumers and food lovers around the globe. We manage a unique variety of Mediterraneo’s delicatessen from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France and more markets are to come.
With more than 75 Mediterranean fine food brands we are able to setup for our buyers complete fine food assortments.
Discover our unique range of products in our digital catalogue.

One stop fine food supply solution

Though Global Food World is not just a trading company. Beyond of our product variety, we support buyers with a one-stop supply service, managing the complete operation chain.

Our services include

  • Assortment advisory
  • Free samples
  • Shipment of mixed orders
  • Logistics
  • Financial clearing through one invoice
  • Option for private label and product customization