Looking for the best export solution
for fine foods?

The best fine food products are usually produced by small family businesses. Unfortunately they meet high barriers when it comes to exports! So learn here about the innovative export solution for fine foods, developed by Global Food World.

The barriers in fine food exports

Consumers may love your products. The trends goes towards healthy, story-telling quality food. At the same time distributors are not willing to manage hundreds of small producers day by day.

Another barrier are logistics: as smaller the quantities as higher the transportation costs! Logistics make your products so expensive that you cannot sell them to reasonable prices.

What are your options?

The best solution seems to be of finding agencies, who will develop sales on commission base. What could be better than sales development upon performance, without costs and risks? True! There is one problem: THIS MODEL NEVER WORKS!
All companies asking for this terms have one thing in common: they have no exports.

At Global Food World we know the barriers
and we know the business reality.

Therefore we have developed an innovative export solution for fine foods, designed especially for small,  premium fine food brands.
We cooperate with distributors in Europe, the Emirates and Asia with unique find food products, but offering to them a wide range and the option to mix up products for their orders.
At the same time we provide – through one partnership – a key account service to them, managing sales, custom clearance, logistics and financial clearing.

Innovative export solution in fine foods

With our concept we overcome the main barriers for small fine food brands: buyers have access to many selective fine food brands, but have to deal with only one partner.
Moreover, combining more brands in a shipments, transportation costs become minimized for all producers and sales prices remain competitive.

What about costs of participating?

We all make money out of sales. So we are on the same side. For participating in the Global Food World project we charge only a small, one-time fee for listing and setting up your brand. Beside of that there are no further costs.