A special expedition will take place in April and May this year: a group of young Greeks will start toward Everest and Global Food World will be one of the main sponsors, together with CocoMat, Agean airlines and Vikos.

The mission is dedicated to send a positive message of hope and optimism in the middle of Covid pandemic.
The mission is also about a healthy lifestyle and this is a topic we at Global Food World are happy to support through our sponsorship.

Some selected products out of our assortment of healthy foods will provide the necessary energy to the group like the mountain tea of Evas Walk, our power gems by Multifoods, traditional Greek trahanas from Gaia Greek, healthy bread sticks of Filemag goods and the innovative ready legume meals of 3Alfa company.

A highlight of the expedition is the fact that the group will travel with the unique wooden bikes of Cocomat!

Global Food World and the Delisophy Magazine look forward to share impressions of the expedition during their interesting trip.
Our best wishes will accompany them.